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Setup Nginx, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on macOS High Sierra

Recently I bought a Mac and with all the curiosity, I upgraded to the newest OS which is High Sierra. I heard a lot about the ease of setting up development environment on Mac with package manager like brew

Beside, I have used Linux and Windows simultaneously for almost a year, so I thought an OS based on Unix? How hard could it be?


I needed Nginx, PHP 5.6, MySQL version 5.*, phpMyAdmin is optional since I can use MySQL Workbench or Navicat instead. After 2 days of burying myself in bash command, I finally found the Sacred Scroll – The tutorial of my Lifetime – The true Saviour.

Now that I cleansed my development environment, it is my duty to introduce it to you guys – The lost Warriors, the SACRED SCROLL!!!!!

Link: https://gist.github.com/johnantoni/07df65898456ace4307d5bb6cbdc7f51

Just click the link, give it a star, and follow it exactly, your development environment should be smell like rose again.

Any discussions are welcome!

Side note: Dear Apple, stop messing up our homebrew and our development environment. Or I will switch back to Linux. – A new Apple user.