When to make a move?

This is very interesting question that when I should move to another organization, but I can not answer it in simple words. You know your career path and if your current organization is enough to put you at your final destination, then why do you want to leave it. Leaving an organization just because of few bucks is never a good reason, even leaving organizations too frequently is not a good idea though you are getting great position and big hikes, this is simply because you are losing your credibility and none of the good companies will rely on you because you are always behind money and position, so who knows when you will leave them.

If you have some internal HR or Management issues within your organization, then try to resolve them because you never know your next organization may have even bigger issues than your current organization. You can discuss your issues with your manager, director or with HR and resolve them gracefully.

If you see no further growth and good career options in the current organization and same time your learning curve got a saturation, then its time to make a shift to another organization. There may be a situation when you are not getting a fat salary and having great position in your current organization but you are learning a lot, which will add a lot of value in your resume and your career, then better to stick with the current organization until your learning is over.

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